Sometimes all it takes is one person to help keep Covington clean. You can be that person by adopting your very own spot! This could be your street, a parking lot, your block, a park, or pretty much any little spot you can think of. What may seem like a little can mean a lot! Adopt-A-Spot provides you with the tools you need to help make a difference in your community.



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Adopt-a-Spot Kit

Includes gloves, 10 garbage bags, and your choice of either a litter grabber or a broom and dust pan.

Awesome! We want to help you get started! Once you register your spot you can come pick up your free Adopt-a-Spot starter kit. Then all we ask is that you clean your spot once a week and report back to us once a month. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder email when it's time to check in and it'll only take a couple minutes to answer a few questions online. By making sure that you fill out our monthly update it will make you eligible for awards, future upgrades for your kit, and some extra recognition from us for all the good work you do!