Coming Soon: Litter Index Map

The Litter Index is an annual survey conducted by Keep Covington Beautiful and the City of Covington that rates Covington streets and neighborhoods based on their observable litter conditions.

The 2018 Litter Index survey was conducted on June 28th by five Keep Covington Beautiful volunteers driving around in a van- all with coffee in hand. The volunteers acted as field surveyors by driving around to multiple predetermined streets around Covington and individually rating the litter conditions. The litter conditions were rated using a qualitative assessment with parameters already outlined by Keep America Beautiful: (1) little to no litter, (2) slightly littered, (3) significantly littered, and (4) extremely littered.

Keep Covington Beautiful has been conducting the survey every year since 2010. This year the data collected and compiled will be applied in a way that will easily aid in bettering the community.

Sheila Fields, with help from the City and KCB, wants to make it happen: “We are in the process of creating an interactive map using the data we collect from the Litter Index. This will allow residents to be more aware of areas that need improvement, as well as bring attention to neighborhoods that are already doing their part to keep Covington beautiful.”

The map will be color-coded based on the average litter rating assigned to each street and neighborhood by the field surveyors. The green will represent areas that were found to have the cleanest conditions, while red will represent areas that had the most extreme litter conditions.

This interactive map was inspired by other cities that have already taken this step and succeeded, such as Louisville and Philadelphia. Danielle Holdcroft: “Both of these cities already offer maps to the public rating their litter conditions using the same scale we used. While the functionality of the two maps are very different, we are hoping to create a map unique to Covington by combining their methods.”

Although the map is still in its early stages, there has already been a visible change in the cityscape of Covington.Court Barlow, a Litter Index veteran of 3 years, claimed that [many of the streets were significantly improved from years prior, and that the 2018 Litter Index was one of the most hopeful yet.]

The mission of Keep Covington Beautiful is to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. They envision a city where every neighborhood is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. The interactive Litter Index Map is a step in that direction.