2018 Recycling Drop Off Day

Saturday, June 23rd 10am - 2pm at Holmes High School

Electronics Recycling, Confidential Paper Shredding, and Battery Recycling

This event keeps your products out of the landfill by putting them back into the recycling or reuse stream. This has a significant impact on our environment by preventing toxins from leaching out into our landfills and eliminating the need to mine for metals found already in the products, furthermore, creating jobs within the electronic recycling arena.

This year, a total of 162 vehicles showed up to drop off materials to recycle: 11,791 lbs of electronics and 8,000 lbs of paper were collected!


Foldable recycle bins

About the Bins:

By reserving a ClearStream folding recycling bin for your next event, you can help keep our city clean.  These bins, which are designed to collect commingled containers (e.g., glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.), are highly visible, durable, lightweight, and easy to use.  They break down to the size of a folding chair, which makes them easy to transport.

Each bin has a wide-mouth lid with a 4 ½” x 16” opening for collecting recyclables.  Each bin uses a clear-bag system, which allows individuals to see their contribution and feel good about their recycling decisions. Bags are provided free of charge.

These bins are available for everything from civic events and street festivals, to workplace gatherings and backyard barbeques.

How to Reserve:

Simply call or email Shannon Ratterman at 859-866-7524 or shannon@greatneighborhoods.org to reserve bins for no charge.   (Please note, however, that you will be required to provide a valid credit card number, which will be kept on file until all bins have been returned in normal working condition.  If bins are returned in a broken condition, or if not returned at all, your credit card will be billed $80 per each bin that is damaged or lost/unreturned.)

Where to Pick Up and Return Bins:

After reserving your bins, you can pick them up during normal business hours at the Center for Great Neighborhoods, 1650 Russell Street, Covington, KY 41011.  At the time of reserving the bins, you will be asked to provide a date on which the bins will be returned to the Center for Great Neighborhoods.

Collection of Full Bags:

In the event you have three or more bags of recyclables after your event, please contact Sheila Fields, Covington Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator at sfields@covingtonky.gov to arrange for collection of the bags.