Electronics drop off, confidential document shredding, and battery recycling, oh my! Let us take these difficult to dispose of items off your hands to responsibly use and recycle.

Our 2020 Drop Off event is scheduled for Saturday, August 29 from 10a to 1p at Holmes High School.

This event keeps your products out of the landfill by putting them back into the recycling or reuse stream. This has a significant impact on our environment by preventing toxins from leaching out into our landfills and eliminating the need to mine for metals found already in the products, furthermore, creating jobs within the electronic recycling arena.

At our June 2019 event, a total of 162 vehicles showed up to drop off materials to recycle. In just a few short hours, 11,791 lbs of electronics and 8,000 lbs of paper were collected!


What can I bring?

  • All computers and equipment: towers, laptops, monitors, power cords

  • Keyboards, mice, speakers, cables

  • Telephone equipment, cell phones

  • Printers, fax machines, copiers

  • Stereo equipment

  • TVs, VCRs, Betas, DVRs

  • Cable and satellite boxes

  • Microwaves

  • Rechargeable batteries

Do not bring:

  • Thermostats and mercury switches

  • Equipment containing biological waste, chemicals, oils, or fluids

  • Radioactive material, asbestos or PCBs

  • Equipment with tanks or sealed units

  • Light bulbs

Please email info@keepcovingtonbeautiful.com with any questions about the event. 



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